Four Nine Design - Vermont graphic design
Four Nine Design - Vermont graphic design

Let us add a unique perspective to the overall look of your brand presentation or product line with a comprehensive graphic and illustration package. We design custom graphics and illustrations that will further differentiate your product from the competition.

Our team of illustrators and designers are adept at analyzing the subject at hand and applying their creative lens. Regardless of the content, our team will develop a graphic treatment that adds value to your presentation and livens up the story you are trying to tell.

From ski boots to tee shirts, we’ve applied graphics to just about anything and everything. Ask us about product graphics and illustration for a single product or for your entire collection.

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  • Graphic Design for J Skis
  • Graphic Design for J Skis
  • Graphic Design for J Skis
  • Graphic Design for J Skis
  • Graphic Design for J Skis

J Skis

J skis has been on a mission to redefine the ski industry since 2013. To do so, J and his band of renegade ski designers have been collaborating with engineers, advanced processing factories, and the sports most free-thinking athletes to conceptualize new, one-of-a-kind products.

The company’s innovative nature, fueled by their love for the sport has made them an industry leader. When they called on the Four Nine team to design new ski and product graphics, they wanted to push creative boundaries and reinforce their carefree perspective on the sport with fun and unique graphic themes. With so few creative limitations, we were able to conceptualize and create the designs for some of their best selling skis and products.


Project: Graphic Design and Illustration

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Graphic Design & Illustration

Having a unique look all your own is key to maximizing product exposure and brand recognition which will ultimately ensure visibility both in store and throughout a saturated market. With so many brands and choices at the customers fingertips, it takes a truly strong visual brand identity and story to attract customers and inspire them to become loyal fans. Custom design and illustration go a long way in solidifying the unique characteristics of your product and position within the market.

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DSC of VT Product Graphics
Distilled Spirits Council of VT

Project: Tee Shirt Graphic

Atomic Product Graphics
Atomic / TCVT

Project: Product Graphics

Lafayette Illustration
Lafayette Painting

Project: Illustration

OCB Product Graphics
Otter Creek Brewing Co.

Project: Tap Handle Design

Siver Product Graphics
Siver Cartel

Project: Tee Shirt Graphic

Make A Wish Product Graphics
Make-A-Wish Vermont

Project: Tee Shirt Graphic

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